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Picture of Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa 1940-1993

By John E. Citrone

Frank Zappa was a composer of unusual depth. His grasp of nearly every musical style and genre made him even more unique than his 20th-century contemporaries. The man could easily move from do-wop to rock to modern classical pieces composed for large orchestras. And therein lived Zappa's own versions of jazz, blues, reggae, funk, hard rock and even country. And one would be remiss to overlook Zappa's wholly original instrumental work for rock ensemble -- an unparalleled collection of complex works that required months of preparation to perform.

Zappa's music is yet to be discovered by the mainstream, so it is the mission of his loyal fans to promote his music as if it were our own. Burnt Weeny Sandwich hopes to do just that. In performing Frank's music -- from the sing-along songs to the "heavy-duty " numbers -- we hope to keep the hardcore fans nourished while enticing a new audience into the fold.

Remember: It's Zappa's Universe -- we just live here.

John is the Entertainment Editor and a writer for Follio Magazine

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